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As requested, I am writing an appraisal of the mural you have painted on an exterior wall adjoining the main hall entrance to our school.

We are very pleased with the mural and feel that you have fulfilled our requirements very well. The wall was properly prepared by jet washing the existing paint off, then painted with base coats and finally the design was done. The design process has been flexible and you have been willing to make changes as required. Your interaction with our children was very good and they enjoyed taking part in creating the mural.

Overall we are very pleased with the end result and would be happy to recommend you to other schools and also to invite you to return should the occasion arise.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Yours sincerely
Sue Harrington


Magic Murals completed a Mural Workshop at my school in Autumn 2006.

The mural, which was designed by the artist in close liaison with suggestions from the school was very well done and really enhances the area around our kitchen.

I was impressed with the quality of his work and his dedication to detail.

He engaged well with the pupils who helped him with the painting of the mural and was able to direct and guide them throughout the activity.

I can therefore recommend him to you if you require any artwork in or around your building.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C M Boyd



The managers of our hostel contacted Magic Murals after an Internet search for local mural companies.

We needed our living room brightening up, and left the details to the artist. The work was carried out professionally and within strict Health & Safety guidelines.

As a residential property we were pleased that dust sheets protected all carpets. The paint used ensured that the room was to be inhabited and used, as it was odourless and non toxic.

I am happy to recommend this company.

Yours sincerely

Chloe Smith



Magic Murals have shown a very professional manner whilst working with our pupils. They have been:

  • Aware of children's needs
  • patient
  • Approachable and calm towards children
  • Full of praise
  • Good at promoting creativity
  • Good at communication with staff and work well with a team
  • Allowing children to initiate ICT
  • Helping to develop decision making
  • Giving children opportunities to apply previously learnt ICT skills

All these factors have lead to a fantastic mural which enhances learning and enjoyment in the outdoor area. Thank you very much for your valued input in this project.

Using Magic Murals was a very cost effective way of transforming a large wall area and I would recommend them to any school wanting a professional mural service.

M. Clarke

Head of Nursery



I just wanted to say Thank You for the work you did on our school wall, and providing some lovely boards to put up too.

It has created a different feel to the playground, and has inspired more work to be done.

Ben Wells

Head of KS3